Saturday, November 2, 2013


I totally had a post about how horrifically bad Halloween night turned out this year.  Luckily, I didn't save it before my iPad died so it disappeared forever.  Sometimes days like those should be forgotten.  Let me just share this little number about the night. 

Gregg at school::alone::baby crying::toddler screaming::hitting::throwing::mommy crying::doorbell ringing::dog barking::sugar high::costume fiascos::late::trunk or treat::trick or treating::girl running::home::cutting girl out of costume::door bell ringing::baby crying::dog barking::toddler screaming::sticky::bed::Gregg home

Phew!  That's was refreshing. 

Moving on. 

I feel like I've been too rough about Emme lately and really she has some awesome qualities.  For example. 

That girl has NO fear.  Because of that, she will talk to anyone.  She melts hearts.  We attended a viewing a while back and she could sense that everyone was very sad.  She reached her arms out to each of the family members and gave them all huge squeezes. Not once, but several times.  Most of them she had never met and I could tell they needed a small girl's love. 

Once, I took her to our local aquarium.  There was a severely crippled man there in a wheel chair.  Emme walked directly up to him and had a conversation about the otters.  As if she noticed no difference.  I could tell he was taken a back that a little girl would talk so candid with him and by the warmth in his eyes I knew it made him happy. 

Emme is super intelligent. She loves puzzles and books. She is getting so good at identifying where the puzzle pieces need to go.  We only have to read her a book a few times before she memorizes it.  I can tell she will be a good reader.  I'm always so proud when she will recite me an entire book from memory.  These two things are the only time she will sit still. 

She was in Corbin's face the other day. Usually, this is time to panic.  I asked her what she was doing. She replied "I just pretending to eat him." 

She will lip sync and dance on command. 
She says the best prayers I've ever heard from a three year old without any help.  Gregg's dad is having major health problems right now and she always asks to bless him. One day she told me she was going to be a doctor when she got big so she could fix him.  Melt my heart. 

Several times she has put her arm around Gregg and me at the same time and announced "this is my famawee (family)." 

It's things like these that make being her mommy awesome.  


  1. Great post. I think you are the Lacey who commented on my blog asking about support groups? If so, are you located on the Wasatch front? There is a Facebook group called Utah Kids. An admin has to accept you into the group, but it's a great resource and it connects you to other parents with similar (and sometimes very different family issues). I have a group of friends who have special kids that I meet with regularly. If you are local and you want to get together contact me.

  2. Love this post! The story about her talking to the guy about the otters is my favorite! Xo

  3. Melt my heart! Love mommy moments like these. She is a sweetheart!