Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Day

Emme had her final day at her therapeutic school today.  She's been going there five days a week for a year and a half.  Boy, have we had our ups and downs while she's attended.  She is not the same girl she was when she started.  The program is amazing and I am so thankful we live close to it. I know our moving to where we live was not by chance.  We will still see her therapist and psychologist there until she's six so I'm thankful for that.  Let's just move on before I start to cry.

Here is a list of things I will miss.  Eeerrr....something like that.

---Walking Emme into school looking like I just crawled out of the gutter.  ---Ok bed, but it might as well be the gutter for how awesome I looked.  I could put those "only at Walmart people" to shame.  When she first started I would put a little cover up on my face and maybe some jeans.  Today I went with greasy hair, sticking up bangs, a brown hoodie, no bra or undershirt, black exercise pants, and gray Toms.  Most days I just threw boots on over my pajama pants and left.  My face alone is a force to be reckoned with right now.  Acne is the new black right? Ya'll I just don't care.  Emme got to school looking pretty darn cute most days, so kudos to me!

---The dude holding the sign for the oil changing car place.---  On a cold winter day I almost gave you my gloves.  You were holding the special of the day (which never actually changed) with gloveless hands and I just couldn't bare the thought of you going all winter like that.  I pulled up really close and right as I was rolling down my window you stomped out your cigarette and dragged your gloves out of your pocket.  If cars could do an awkward moon walk out of a parking lot, then I nailed it that day.  To be very serious though, you impressed me with your dedication and endurance.  No matter the weather, you were out doing your job.  We could all learn a lot from you.

---The back and forth drive.  I won't miss you.

---Sonic.  Thanks for being close by.  I think we all know how I feel about that place.

---Emme's teachers/angels.  You are rockstars. You truly love those kids.  Thanks for throwing Emme a Last Day party and going out of your way to buy her gifts.  I have a feeling there will be a meltdown come Monday morning when she finally understands she won't be seeing you anymore.

---The cop that sat at the same spot every day.  Dude, find a new trap already.

---Being able to shower.  Goodbye nice smelling Lacey.

Emme with her teachers.  For real, I love them.  The one on the left has been crying all week about Emme leaving.


  1. Why does she have to stop going??

    1. Long story short, having two schools a day was becoming a little overwhelming for her. Wish me luck!

  2. Good teachers, large sodas, pajamas, helpful people, school---gifts for stressed out moms.