Thursday, July 31, 2014

You Have Been Warned

Back in the day when we first welcomed our baby girl into our family, we had a few comments from those who have gone before us about sleep being a thing of the past.  I knew for a fact that they were crazy and didn't understand the skills Gregg and I had saved up in our years of yearning to be parents.  Sure having a newborn is rough, but we were Babywise followers and Emme was sleeping 12 hours by four months.  We had parenting down.

Fast forward to today, and we are the living walking dead.  Oxymoron intended.

Corbin is a great little sleeper, but his wake time is between 6-6:30.  So after being up with Emme multiple times for long stretches, there's no hope for catching a little shut eye when the sun finally comes up.

Having a child with behavioral issues is no joke.  Not sleeping and trying to deal with a tired child with behavioral issues is impossible.  All parenting skills go out the window.

After months with no end in sight we finally found the right formula for her meds and have had two nights of uninterpreted rest.  If only life were that easy...

Our chubby little Corbin decided not to sleep last night.  It was the second effing night Emme had slept in months and now our other child was NOT sleeping!  If we weren't so tired we would have moaned and cried at the irony of it all.  Oh wait...we still did.

After each of us got up several times last night he finally fell back asleep.  When Emme awoke at the crack of dawn she decided it would be a good idea to go into Corbin's room and wake him up to play.  For the freaking LOVE!  You better believe there were some choice words floating through my head this morning.  Today called for some major Diet Coke therapy.

To say we are out of our league is an understatement.  Momma just needs some sleep people.

Now I'm the old dude warning first time parents that they will. never. sleep. again.  Now that's a fact.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Time is a Many Splendid Thing

Time Lossed ::

-Emme is now in part time school.
-More Emme maul Corbin moments.
-The girl previously mentioned still not sleeping.
-Kids who wake up before dawn no. matter. what.
-Driving to and from school twice a day now.  Three times when I forget the backpack with lunch in it at home.
-Taking the shortest shower in history due to: Emme pulling every single item off my nightstand, waking up Corbin, gathering handfuls of q-tips, and peeing on the floor while literally touching the toilet.  Who doesn't love to shower with the shower door open so they can watch destruction of Le Master Bedroom go down?  Girl can get a lot done in 5 minutes.

Time Gained ::

-Shorter hair.  I finally got my hair to the length I wanted only to realize, "ain't nobody got time for that."  I cut four inches off and thinned the heck out of it.  Mo' betta now.
-No more showers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
-Gregg is out of school until the end of August.  Can I get a booyah?

In other news, I'm in search of a clone who has a lot more energy than me.