Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cry it out

As I sit here and write, my eyes are swollen from my latest melt down. I'm not usually a crier and sometimes I even have to force it, but today the tears flowed all on their own. 

It's almost four and Emme finally fell asleep for a nap.  You might be saying, "why not let her stay awake by that point?"  

She's three I know. Most three year olds don't nap. My Emme needs one. I need her to have one. Yesterday she wouldn't nap so I finally let her stay awake. BIG mistake.  

The more tired Emme is the more wired she becomes.  If it wasn't for my sister being here on a whim I would have lost it. But instead I saved that for today. 

I'm pretty sure my neighbors are getting a kick out of watching me chase Emme down the street on a regular basis. Who needs a gym?  

Oh, to have a child that could watch a movie.  I just want to rake the leaves or clean the floor. 

I tend to day dream about what would make life easier....

Living by my family.  Getting rid of the dog.  Having the perfect babysitter.  A housekeeper.  Being richer (everyone's day dream).  Gregg being done with school.  A nap. 

It pointless to dwell on what I can't change and chances are...I'll feel better tomorrow.  

Today though?  Today was a cry it out till you feel better day. And I feel a little better. 

****UPDATE  let me just point out...before you start to recommend medication....that I am sleep deprived, putting a salon in my home, alone more than normal this week, and just plain stressed.  I feel it deserved a cry.  We were all much happier once Emme woke up from her nap and daddy came home. 

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  1. sometimes a good cry/meltdown is JUST what I need. it makes me a better mom. That and Diet Coke. Diet Coke definitely makes me a WAY better mom (well nicer at least :)) on a side note :: how awesome to put a salon in your home!!!! I bet you will love that!