Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Corbin's Story::The Start

The week before the baby was born I sent a few text messages to M* (Emme and new baby's birthmom).  Usually she is pretty good to respond, but this time I heard nothing back from her.  I was a ball of nerves so I asked Gregg to give me a blessing. In it I was told that this little boy was coming home to us.  It brought me comfort, but what can I say?  I have issues and my fears outweighed my faith at that point.  The baby was due on Tuesday so when Monday came around and I still had not heard anything from M, Gregg and I were freaking out a bit.  We packed up the car and started on the long drive with a pit in our gut.  It did not seem like a good sign. 

About an hour into our drive I got a text from an unknown number saying it was M and that she was communicating through her boyfriend's phone because her's had broken.  She gave us the time of the baby's birth the next day (she was having a c-section) and we made plans to meet up for dinner that night with her and K* (baby's dad and M's boyfriend).  We were relieved to say the least. 

We met M and K at Red Robin for dinner which was awesome for two reasons. It was the first time we met K and we had dinner with M the night before Emme was born so it was only fitting that we met up the night before Corbin's birth as well. 

We were anxious to meet K because we really wanted him to like us for obvious reasons. He was a little standoffish at first, but eventually he warmed up to us. We quickly fell in love with him.  Emme's birth dad was not involved at the time of her birth so it was a completely new experience for us, but one that we welcomed with open arms. 

As usual our conversation with M was great.  We could talk and laugh all day.  

As we were parting ways I told her to please let us know during the hospital if we were ever over stepping our boundaries.  She responded with, "you could never over step your boundaries with me. I love you guys, but I'll let you know because I'm pretty blunt." (I love that about her)

Seriously. How did we get so lucky?  A question I have asked myself multiple times about M. 

This is the face Emme made when I told her we were finally going to get her baby brother.  She was so excited. 

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