Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holiday Fail

I really suck at hosting parties.  Let's just assume the domestic gene skips a generation because my mom is amazing at it.  I'm pretty sure there's scientific research behind that.

We have an exciting week ahead of us.  Corbin will officially and forever join our family.  It's the cherry on top of adoption.  For some reason it all brings a great deal of stress to my life.  Mainly because after the blessing at our church, there will be a big group of people coming to our house for a luncheon.   By stress I mean, panic.  And by panic I mean, I gave myself shingles when Emme was blessed.  SHINGLES!!  Who does that?  I'll tell you

My house is fine and all, but honestly it's not really my style.  We never have extra money for decorating and I never have extra time for cheap cutesy crafts.  Cleaning has also gone way down since Corbin came along.  I cannot keep up.  Plus, with having a salon in my home, all of my cleaning time is focused on that area.  One downside of working from home.

Big news flash::  Easter is this Sunday.  You would have no idea if you stepped in my house.  I have not one decoration up.  I wish it was because I decided to only focus on the spiritual aspects of things, but sadly it's not.  It should be, but it's not.  What's even worse is months ago we got tickets to Wicked not realizing it was Easter weekend.  I won't be with my kids Easter morning.  Mom of the year right here.  We're going to celebrate early, but still....I've really let the ball drop this year.

So with this all said, I woke up this morning and decided today would be dedicated to Easter activities.  After a one hour trip to Walmart with a screaming baby I was stalked up with everything I needed to give Emme a fun holiday experience.  

One small problem.  Emme doesn't give a crap.  I prepped everything for dying eggs and decorating sugar cookies while she took a short nap.  Within 30 seconds of being awake Emme had touched every cooling cookie she could reach and had a meltdown when I told her we had to wait for her friends to arrive so we could decorate together.  Baking is a ball of fun when your child is throwing chairs and punching you in the legs.

Our friends came shortly after and all of Emme's dreams came true when she was handed a knife full of purple icing.  Both of her cookies were frosted and eaten before the other two younguns even thought to ask if they could have one.

On to the next activity...dying eggs.  Four cracked before they hit the liquid and one never had the chance to change it's color, because it was purposefully smashed into the cement and smooshed into a million pieces.  See below photo.

Her two friends focused well on decorating their eggs and put some love into each one.  This proved that there are kids out there that understand and enjoy holiday staples.

After smoosh fest was over, Emme stole an already decorated egg and had it ride along with her in her pink car.  That became a bit boring so the only logical thing to do was to smoosh that one as well.  The ants in our back yard had a nice Thursday Fiesta.

Notice the butterfly sticker.

Maybe this is why Emme is mine.  I'm terrible at holiday fun and she only sees it as good destructive sensory play.  We were made for each other.