Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Therapy School Blues

Emme has been in therapy school for a little over two months now.  

She has three goals and her teachers rate her every day on them. 

I had an appointment with her Behavioral Therapist, Dr. J, not long after she started and wouldn't you know that Emme was an angel, following directions well and hitting all of her goals.  It made me feel a little sheepish.  Maybe Emme didn't need such an intense school. Maybe she could follow directions in a very structured setting.  Maybe it was me and my not so great parenting.  Dr. J reassured me that most kids go through a honeymoon phase meaning, they aren't familiar with their surroundings or teachers so they are on their best behavior. It's also typical that they lose it when they get home because they've held in their typical behavior all day. Emme had the biggest tantrums I've ever seen when she got home from school the first month or so.  Like, seriously possessed type tantrums. It was rough. 

It's not that I wasn't happy that Emme was doing so well at school, but how were they suppose to help her behavior at home if they weren't seeing that behavior at school? 

A couple weeks ago I had another appointment with Dr. J.  I was able to observe Emme behind a tinted glass during school while Dr. J and I talked about Emme's goals. I was even able to talk to one of her teachers while Emme was at recess.  Let's just say, honeymoon phase is over.  Now that Emme is comfortable with her classmates and teachers, her true colors are starting to show.  All of the behaviors we've been seeing are now coming out while at school. 

Overall, they still felt like Emme was doing well and Dr. J told me they have never had to go to her for help which is a really good sign. That was...until today. 

I got a phone call from Dr. J  today while Emme was still at school.  Apparently, Emme was really acting out. She peed her pants twice and was biting and hitting the other kids multiple times.  She became so out of control they had to consult with Dr. J.   Emme's side of the story was that she got to go read with Dr. J and that she needed me and was sad. Break my heart.  I wanted to hold and squeeze her forever to reassure her I would always be there. 

It seems to me that Gregg and I aren't the only ones feeling stressed right now.  I'm guessing Emme senses change and isn't sure how to handle it. Plus, she hasn't seen much of Gregg this week due to his finals at school, and that always shows in her behavior.  Emme is very sensitive to the emotions of others so I'm sure she can feel the anxiousness in our home.  Tomorrow will be another busy and stressful day for her so I'm very worried.  Her whole world is about to flip upside down.  I just pray she handles it well. 


  1. Hang in there, Lacey! You are juggling so much, emotionally and literally. Take it one day at a time. Have you read/listened to this CES devotiona by Elder Christofferson "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"l? Sooooo good. You should watch it while you make dinner or clean or fold laundry! That's what I do!

    Praying for you!

  2. Thanks Rachel! I will for sure watch that!