Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sensory Processing Awareness Month

Sorry this is not a post about Corbin's adoption.  I've decided since next month is National Adoption Month, I would save it for November.  Until then, I have just found out that October is Sensory Awareness Month.  How lucky that our household gets two months in a row to celebrate?

Emme is a sensory seeker and has SPD (sensory processing disorder).  The last year has been a learning curve for our family.  You can learn more about it here and here.

I've been searching the web for blogs like mine.  Families who can relate to having a child like mine or a family like ours.  My friend sent me a link to this post on  It's so relatable to me, it's not even funny.   The same friend (I love her) sent me a link to Heres to our Survival.  She makes me laugh every post.

If you have any blogs you think I should be reading, please let me know!  Even if you just want to share your blog, that would be awesome!  My list of reads had dwindled since a lot of people don't blog these days.

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