Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Thoughts

~I found gold this week when on my way to the Walmart checkout I saw a huge display of Twinkies.  It was my first encounter since their return so naturally I grabbed a box.  Does anyone else feel like they have less cream than they used to or did they always kind of suck?  Honestly, they're okay, but there are other empty calories I would rather shove in my face.  Do I even dare to say that America was better off without them?  

~Boiling Pointe. Watch it, love it, hate that your parents never put you in ballet. It takes place in my own Salt Lake City and now I'm suddenly very eager to get tickets to the ballet next year. I mentioned this to Gregg and he said "so you're doing what for girls night?" For real though, I have way better things to be doing and I've watched all of season one and I'm almost caught up on season two in an amount of time I'm embarrassed to admit. 

~I've realized I say LOL way too much when I make comments on any type of social media.  I really need to simmer it down. I feel like a mom that's trying to be cool by saying what all the teenagers say only unknowing that the teenagers don't say that phrase anymore.  What'd you say?  I am an uncool mom?  Oh right...anyway, I really need to find a replacement. 

~Spiders are everywhere right now.  Although it feels like summer is still here, it's like the eight legged monsters know the cold is coming and they have to scare the living day lights out of me while they still can.  

~Gregg and I were recently put in the primary at church. Neither of us have ever served in the primary before and we are loving it.  Gregg teaches and I find subs when they are needed. It's pretty cool.  But alas my reason for bringing it up would be the laughter and giggles we add to the group of kids. Kids are freaking funny and church has never been so enjoyable.  This week our five year old neighbor who sits in front of us during sharing time, awkwardly put her leg up on her chair and let out one of the loudest and longest farts I've ever heard.  I thought Gregg was going to have to excuse himself to get his composure back.  Add a sunbeam falling through the back hole of her chair and a kid rewarding himself with a booger after answering a question right and you pretty much have the greatest hour of your life.  *Sidenote  I've observed that kids eat a lot of boogers in primary.

So there you have it. The thoughts that have been mulling in my head all week.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm really craving a nice yellow cake with cream in the middle.  TTYL

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  1. Haha! I loved it! Wish I'd read it before last night so I could have enjoyed the laughs with you!