Monday, September 9, 2013

How To::Must Need Apps For your Instagram Photos

I love Instagram right now.  It is by far my favorite social media network and I prefer it way over Facebook.  I even talked my mom into getting one because she kept missing out on all of her grandkid's photos.  I'm not in any way claiming I'm an expert, but I wanted to share some great apps that make an okay photo great!  Most are free and some are a couple bucks, but they are well worth it.  

1. PicTapGo   By far this app has my favorite filters.  You can layer filter upon filter to get your photo just right.  Plus, it lets you save combinations for future use.  It has a crop tool and easily lets you share to social networks.  Trust me, you will die with how awesome it makes your photos look!

2. Snapseed  I payed about $5 for this app, but word on the street is it's free now.  I use snapseed to straighten my photos if needed, their crop tool is my favorite, and most of all because they have a selective adjust tool that you can pick a specific area to fix.  Sometimes, if you're taking a photo of a group of people, someone's face always seems darker than the rest.  With Snapseed I can easily fix that problem.

3. Pic Stitch To be honest I haven't found a photo collage that I'm completely in love with.  Pic Stitch has been my favorite so far due to it being very user friendly.  To use you just choose a layout then double click in a square to add a photo.  Then you can zoom in or out or move the photo around.  It tends to cut off photos so if you want the full picture I wouldn't use it in a collage.  I always edit the photos first before adding them to a collage and with PicTapGo you can use the same filter so all the photos flow with each other.  Pic Stitch is even great if you just need a border around one photo.  

4. Beautiful Mess Such a cute app and very user friendly.  If I add text to a photo, nine times out of ten I use this app.  They have great borders, text, and doodle choices.  There are a lot of free ones to choose from, but I have been known to buy extras for .99.  

5. Rhonna Designs This is my new favorite right now.  I've seen a lot of giveaways lately that have used this app.  I will say, it's not as user friendly as Beautiful Mess, but the choices are endless.  You can easily waste hours adding all kinds fluff to your photos.  Darling fluff might I add.

Here's some before and afters

If your an Instagram buff like myself, these apps will change your life.  Or, at least your Instagram feed.  

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