Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reasons I Can Tell I'm Losing My Mind

1.  While having Sunday dinner with the family, my brother in law noticed I hadn't gotten any frog eyed salad yet. Knowing it's my favorite he kindly offered me his bowl, I thankfully excepted and he went and got himself some more. Shortly after, my husband sat down and asked who's frog eyed salad was sitting next to his plate.  It was then that I realized that I HAD already filled up a bowl and put it in the wrong table setting. 

2.  I completely passed the exit to my daughter's school while consciously thinking I needed to go farther.  While traveling down the road I thought, "I don't recall seeing this before.  Hmm, oh well".  It was only when I made it to the next exit that I realized my mistake. We had been late all week and we were actually going to be on time that day.  I wanted to explain the situation to the receptionist with judging eyes, but replaying the story back in my head I decided not to.  We're late because my brain isn't working, doesn't make me sound like a compentant mother. 

3.  I put a packet of dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher and closed the door. A little while later I noticed it was already done. I started unloading the bowls and noticed they still had soup stains on them.  Crappy dishwasher.  Then I noticed all of the silverware still looked dirty. For the love!!!  It was then that I realized the door with the soap in it was still closed and the machine had never ran at all.  Stupid operator. 

With less than two weeks until the baby comes, things seems to be a little squished in that head of mine.  I can't wait to hold him in my arms, kiss his cheeks, and tell him how long we've been waiting for him. Until then, stress and immense emotion seems to be my best friend.  Not that it shows or anything. 

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  1. These posts are making me incredibly anxious! I can only imagine how you're feeling!!!