Sunday, September 22, 2013

Safe Keeping

My daughter is a runner and I don't mean marathons.  Although it feels like I've ran one most days.   I'm constantly chasing her.  If Emme has a goal in mind there is nothing to stop her. She's gone.  She impulsive and unpredictable.

I talked to her therapist about this and one of the things she suggested was to drill into Emme over and over that we can't keep her safe if she's not near us.  She said it would take a while, maybe years, before she could understand danger so it's important to say it over and over.  So this week that's what I've done. 

Running away to grab marshmallows at the store. "I can't keep you safe if you're not next to me."  

Running away at Scheels to hide in the clothes. "I can't keep you safe if your not near me."

Running down the street instead of walking to the car. "I can't keep you safe if your not next to me."  

You get the point. 

Today at church we had the intermediate hymn Choose The Right. We all stood to sing while Emme danced in front of everyone (we were late and the only spot left was in the front).  Then I heard the words, "choose the right, there's safety for the soul."  I immediately thought, "I can't keep you safe if your not near me."  What can I say?  Safety is on the brain. 

It stung me to the core. 

Just like I worry about Emme our Heavenly Father worries about us. 

He can only keep us safe if we stay close to him. 

It made me think of the overpowering love our Heavenly Father has for us.  It made me think of what I could be doing better. It made me sad to think of others close to me that have left the safe keeping of our Lord.  
It made me think.  

With the big events coming this Fall I feel like a little child that needs the comfort and strength of her parents telling her it's going to be okay. It was a good reminder for me today that if I stay close to my Heavenly Father, He will watch out for me no matter what the future holds. 

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  1. My goodness :: YOUR BLOG! Where have I been! Every SINGLE post has me thinking [in a good way] and striving to do better. I love it. Thank you for writing!