Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh, The Places You'll Go {When You Get a Nap}

Our household has not had a solid nights sleep in...I don't know how long.  It's been rough around here.

Once upon a time Corbin was sleeping solid.  Then teething, a cold, and bronchiolitis happened.  I miss waking up to a happy babbling baby.

Too bad he's not the only one.  Emme has struggled with sleep since we brought Corbin home.  The past three weeks she hasn't slept once through the night.  We're stumped.  She's either waking up because of her ADHD or she scared.  We're not sure which.  Maybe it's both.  One of us usually ends up sleeping on her floor while the other one tends to a screaming Corbin.  It's all very glamorous.

Today alone we have dealt with throw up, a crib covered in pee, and a gyno appointment.  To top things off, Corbin and I were pooped on by a bird while walking into Emme's school.  It was the cherry on top.

The three of us barely made it to nap time before killing over from exhaustion.  Usually, my kid's schedules are opposite so I have no hope for a nap.  Today I made it work.  We all slept like a boss.  It was awesome.

It's amazing what a nap can do.  We awoke a completely different group of humans.  Corbin giggled, Emme obeyed, and I had patience.  We played and played. I made dinner. We spent much needed time in the sun. Instead of Emme making Corbin cry, she made him scream with delight.  She was actually a three year old today and not a raging uncontrollable toddler.   It was glorious.  We were happy. We had fun.

Sure the house was a mess and I had no make up on, but today I loved being a mom.

Nap. Oh, dear nap.  I love you.


  1. Yaaaaaay! What a magical napping afternoon. Hope it happens again soon. It's amazing what a little sleep does the mood, right!?

  2. This is SO TRUE! I've been so exhausted having all 3 home now that it's summer, & I think I've almost mastered the art of napping amidst WWIII.