Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You Might Need a Nap If...

You fall asleep sitting up while playing play dough with your daughter. 

You get a bib for your baby only to put it in your three year old instead.

You don't realize your mistake until your three year old asks why you put her baby brother's bib on her.   She does look pretty silly.  

You husband looks at you like you've lost your mind. 

You have. 

You don't understand why the lid to the water jug won't fit on the baby's bottle.  Slowly it dawns on you the two don't go together. 

You have every intention of getting ready and cleaning the house, but eventually tell yourself you can do it tomorrow. 

Tomorrow turns into a week. 

You are dizzy from lack of sleep. 

Dizziness makes you run into walls. 

You finally get a nap and wake up in a panic because your clock says 5:30 and you think it's am, but it's really pm. It takes you several minutes to figure it out. 

Even in your dreams you dream of sleeping.  

You are in bed at 9:00 writing a blog with every intention of being asleep in two seconds. 

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