Thursday, August 15, 2013


Ems is a social butterfly, but when it comes to her own peers or babies she has some issues.  Issues way beyond the typical not sharing and occasional hitting.  Play group and family get together's are rough.  It's typical for me to leave embarrassed, upset, and with a few tears.  Ems also leaves frustrated and overwhelmed.  It's not good. 

After attending family therapy with a behavioral therapist for two months we decided therapy school would be a great place for her to be.  It's quite intense, yet effective.  Five days a week for three hours and they even eat lunch there.  It can be quite expensive and we were really stressed about paying for it.  We felt strongly that she needed to be in their school and I had a feeling everything would work out.  Sure enough, the financial lady called me in to discuss our monthly fee and she wrote down $0 in front of me.  I thought there was a mistake at first until she explained that the school got a huge grant and because of it all of their kids get to go free for a year.  Ems started at the right exact moment to be able to partake of free tuition.   Such a huge blessing and relief.  We were so thankful we followed the prompting to put her in school even though we were expecting to pay hundreds of dollars every month.  

So far she comes home pretty exhausted and emotional.  I guess that's pretty typical.  For a busy bee like her to hold in her extreme want to go wild for three hours is very draining.  She lets loose when she gets home and it makes for a fun tantrum filled afternoon.  I got to observe her for a little bit behind a two way glass.  She did amazing.  It's nice to see what she is capable of, but it also makes me sad I rarely see her behave that way.  I try, really try to emulate what we discuss at her BT (behavioral therapy) appointments, but at the end of the day I'm the mom.  The one she knows best and the one she can be herself with.  Don't get me wrong, I see really fun sides of her and I get the best loves, but she can sure put on the defiance like no other. 

School has been good for all of us.  I now have a few free hours every day and Emme is learning skills that will help way beyond her toddler years.   

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  1. Love the new blog, Lacey! I'd love to know more about Emme's new school and what you've learned from the BT and how she does with everything. You are an awesome mama! SO awesome that the school got that grant. What a blessing!

    I just read your "about me." I just had a laparoscopy for endo as well. And I am currently laying in bed because my period is about to start, so I've been vomiting and sitting on the toilet all morning. (Sorry for the TMI!) Does this happen to you with your cycles? My fertility doc says it has something to do with increased prostaglandins in women with endometriosis. This has really flared up for me in the past couple of months, so I am searching for answers and info. I'd love to know more about your experience. Email me if you want to!