Monday, June 9, 2014

One Year Down

Gregg has officially finished his first year of grad school.  

We made it.  

This time next year, I'll be posting pictures of graduation.  I can taste the finality.  

It's all very exciting until I feel the choke hold of fear of what happens next. 

I wish I could look back on this year and say "that wasn't so bad."  But, I can't.  It was hard. Uber hard.  

So many times I've thought "what the H were we thinking having you go back to school?"  

I pray it's all worth it.  I pray we find a golden job.  I pray we don't go bankrupt from student loans.  

It's too late to turn back now so I will go forward with my fist in the air while screaming "Let's do this!"  Or maybe "Get er' done!"  I haven't decided yet.  


  1. You guys did a lot in one year. Eat some doughnuts to celebrate and try not to worry about what the next year holds.

  2. Hang in there Lacey. I know how hard grad school can be, and I only had one little one during our time through it. I vote 80s fist pump "Let's do this!"