Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ode to Next December

December 2013....You suck.

I'm tired, so very tired.  I blame December.  I blame winter.  I blame asthma, bronchiolitis, and ADHD.

Poor, poor Corbin had a brutal two month check up.  He has bronchiolitis, torticollis, reflux, and his little tummy hurts a lot.  He's been a really fussy baby, but I would be too if I had to deal with all of that.  I'm over him coughing up mucous while I watch helplessly, but here's to a few more weeks of it.  I don't suggest it to anyone.  Then there's the torticollis that requires physical therapy.  I'm too tired to explain anymore.  The best news is that we are now proud owners of the most expensive formula out there for his hurting stomach.  We call it liquid gold.  It may actually be more pricey that gold.  It smells bad and costs as much as a car payment, but he has been so much happier on it.  I would pay hundreds more because he seems to feel better and we no longer have a screaming baby for 8hrs straight.  Let's pray it continues to work.

Then there's Emme.  Emme is as Emme does and Emme does some beautiful poo art.  Said no one ever.  Except maybe Emme.  Her mirror recently got a brown make over if you know what I'm saying.  I hope for the day she can be trusted around her own feces.  Or any feces for that matter.

Then there's Christmas.  Oh Christmas.  You will be very simple this year.  Corbin is just too sick to go out in this crappy air.  Trust me, I've tried.  It has not been a festive year whatsoever.  I hate the pressure of Christmas.  If I've learned one thing throughout this month, it would be that it's okay if you don't have Elf on a Shelf, you haven't been to temple square, you only put up a few decorations, and the only Christmasy thing you've done is stare at a broken gingerbread house.  You will survive and your children will not be scarred for life.  I think.

Here's to hoping December 2014 will be a little less sucky.  


  1. I'm so sorry, Lacey. There is nothing harder than a fussy baby. Your heart breaks for them, and it also breaks for yourself bc you just can't bear to hear one more second of screaming. When Noah had reflux and colic, it was one of the low points in my entire life. I was so unhappy. And he didn't even have the cough, etc that Corbin has to go with it! I'm so sorry that the month has been so hard!! You are an amazing mom, and though I know it sometimes doesn't feel this way, I really do believe that "whom The Lord calls, He qualifies." You have been called to be their mother for a reason and God will help you!

  2. Oh Lacey, you are amazing! Having two kids is hard without all of the additional stuff you are dealing with. It takes a real super hero to do your job and you are just that. Hopefully Corbin gets feeling better soon and let's hope that poo art becomes the next big green movement and you can start making a fortune off Emme's art projects.

  3. Oh my gosh jaxton had to be on that formula and I thought we would take out a second loan out house. It is the worst and he hated it! Someone told me if you call the hospital and talk to them they have tons of it and will just give it to you. Not sure but if you know. Nurse they will hook you up! Love your guts!