Saturday, February 21, 2015


We are officially counting down the days until Gregg is done with school. If I could relate this to anything it would be like running a race. A really long hilly race. One that you don't really care to win, you just want to finish. We are in the part of the run where you can see the finish line, but every inch of your body wants to quit due to the 100s of miles behind you. Yes, 100s.   Point is, we are done. So freaking done. 3 months feel like 3 years. I'm tired of not being together as a family.  I hate that every moment is so busy and relationships have been put on hold. 

I admit that I have moments of panic of what's to come, but most of me wants/needs to believe that things will calm down and become a little simpler. Until then, I'm relying on my good ol' coping skills. 

Jimmy Johns. Thank you for being so fast and so close to my home. Your delivery service and lettuce wrapped sandwiches have become one of my best friends on these many lonely nights. 

Sonic, Straws, and Swig. Or S I like to call you, thank you for your Dirty Diet Cokes, for not judging me when I pull up to the window to pay and realize I forgot my wallet, and your beautiful sugar cookies. I hope we don't break up in three months, but I may be seeing less of you. Who am I kidding? I will still love you. 

Photography. You get me.  You've saved me. 

Understanding friends. Thanks for not judging my lack of social skills, but supporting me completely. I KNOW I've survived because of you. 

Instagram. I'm addicted. We should probably tone it down a bit. 

Professional geniuses who get our family. I heart you.  

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  1. You're almost there! Hallelujah! What a journey, eh?